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Audiobook Builder tells me it’s unable to eject a CD because something’s still using it. Wha?

Have you seen a message like this after importing a CD? Audiobook Builder 1.5.6  Unable to eject disk The disk or some of its contents may be in use by another application. Disk:  I Am the Pretty Little Audiobook That Haunts … Continue reading

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Apple to allow developers to respond to App Store reviews – and more!

The Loop reports Apple will not only allow developers to respond to reviews, they’re also rolling out an API that brings in-app rating and review to every user’s fingertips while preventing developer abuse.  It’s not quite what we asked for over … Continue reading

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Audiobook Builder doesn’t like Dropbox

Turns out adding files to an Audiobook Builder project stored in Dropbox will probably not work so well.  Things get dicey when we ask QuickTime to flatten the incoming files to new MOV files inside the project, so it’s likely QuickTime and … Continue reading

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I purchased from the Mac App Store, but this app keeps asking for a serial number!

The short of it is Mac App Store apps won’t ask for a serial number.  If you’re asked for one, you’ve got a version that isn’t from the Mac App Store.  Namely, a trial from our website. The long of … Continue reading

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Happy new year to you and CheckBook!

And so we begin CheckBook’s 15th year (you knew it was born in December, 2002, right?) with a couple of exciting new features on the way: Copy & paste for Entries and Schedules is coming in CheckBook 2.5.15.  We dared … Continue reading

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