Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Carrots from the garden

Prior to having children, my diet consisted of whatever would fill me up. In between school, sports, and hanging out with friends a “nutritious” meal meant fast food, a mayo sandwich, and/or the infamous ramen noodles. Liquid? usually beer.

While I still love beer (hey, I’m from Wisconsin!) my ideas about what my family and myself should eat have drastically changed. Mac-n-cheese is cool once and a while, but for the majority of the days we try to sit down with plates that are at least half covered in what my 3 year old calls, “our green friends!”

Tracking my finances with CheckBook Pro has revealed the large chunk of change that goes towards groceries each month. Though ramen noodles weren’t exactly good for me…they were/are cheap.

Exploring ways to lower the cost of groceries, I discovered “Practical Ways to Trim High Grocery Prices”  I’m in the process of trying out some of these strategies.

What are some of your best tricks for staying on budget with food?

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