CheckBook and CheckBook Pro 2.6.20 now available

This update’s just to fix an issue with 2.6.19 that prevented our users in Canada and the UK from creating new Account Summaries or making changes to existing Account Summaries, with a few minor user interface tweaks and enhancements. It won’t hurt to skip it if you don’t see the issue – and you’ll find you can, indeed, skip updates as of 2.6.19, if you purchased from the Splasm Store, with the spiffy new Skip button that sprouted in the lower left corner of the update checker.


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CheckBook 2.6.19’s Account Summary options sheet may not work for users in Canada and the UK

Update 7/9/2021: CheckBook and CheckBook Pro 2.6.20 are now available with the fix. Get the update for CheckBook or CheckBook Pro.

To our CheckBook and CheckBook Pro users in Canada and the UK, please accept our apology: We’re patching up an issue that prevents the Account Summary options sheet from appearing and could lead to a crash. Account Summaries will work just fine – it’s only when you try to change their settings or create a new Account Summary that the issue rears its head. 2.6.20 is in testing now so we’ll have you fixed up soon!

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CheckBook and CheckBook Pro 2.6.19 Now Available

CheckBook and CheckBook Pro 2.6.19 now help you move from Quicken for Mac 2015, 2016, or 2017 in one fell swoop and bring a couple of tools to help when you lose track of a column and just want to go back to the way things were. CheckBook Pro’s Smart Folders got even smarter, with options to treat Amounts and Check Numbers like numbers. Fixes include a major speed boost when pasting Entries into Numbers, nixing a booboo that could prevent removing an Account, a couple of VoiceOver tweaks, and miscellaneous user interface adjustments.


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Audiobook Builder 2.1.4 now available

Audiobook Builder 2.1.4 brings 2.1.3’s fix for shortened MP3 files to our macOS 11.3 Big Sur users, which should mean everyone’s covered now, and also corrects an issue that broke the Add Music/Add iTunes buttons for our Mac App Store folks. Learn more and get the update.

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Audiobook Builder vs. some MP3s on macOS 11.3 and later

Update 7/1/2021: Audiobook Builder 2.1.4 is now available. Grab the update.

Update 6/28/2021: Some folks running macOS 11.3 have reported the same issue. Audiobook Builder 2.1.4 will bring the fix to those users.

A few days ago we got word from a user who saw Audiobook Builder 2.1.2 on macOS 11.4 shorten some of their MP3 files – not always the same files and not other formats, like AAC – as they were added to each project. They sent over a folder of MP3s for us to test and, sure enough, there’s an issue with how AVFoundation, the Apple framework underlying Audiobook Builder’s audio handling abilities, figures out how long some MP3 files are. We say some because the MP3 files we use when testing Audiobook Builder don’t seem to have the same problem, maybe because they have a constant, instead of variable, data rate. It’s not something to worry about when you’re listening to an MP3, as the player reads the file from start to finish and plays whatever it finds, but when you’re moving MP3 data to a QuickTime MOV file, like Audiobook Builder does so it can better handle things when building, you need a precise duration to get the job done. It looks like a recent change in how macOS 11 Big Sur handles things now requires we pass a hint to AVFoundation to read MP3 files from start to finish just to be sure of their duration – so that’s what we’re testing now. It adds a little time to adding MP3 files to your Audiobook Builder projects, but we optimized another piece of that puzzle that just about balances out things so you won’t notice. We’ll have an update out very soon, but if you need anything in the meantime please keep in touch at!

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macOS 11 Big Sur Compatibility


Audiobook Builder: Compatible as of 2.1.1. Get the latest now!


CheckBook: Compatible as of 2.6.16. Get the latest now!



CheckBook Pro: Compatible as of 2.6.16. Get the latest now!


Return Labels: Compatible as of 1.1.


PixelGriddle 1.1.1: Compatible.


Keep in touch at if you have any questions!


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