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CheckBook 2.5.2 – Strongly Recommended

This update resolves a potential data corruption issue in CheckBook 2.5 and 2.5.1 so we strongly recommend you install it as soon as possible. With the help of a small handful of users we found that the issue is so … Continue reading

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Audiobook Builder Q&A

@splasmsoftware so a “file” would be all combined smaller tracks of 1 CD.? It would never split btwn files of one of the CD’s in the series? @splasmsoftware . . .cont. if so, may have 2 change from by part … Continue reading

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Finances and Having It All

When it comes to finances, it seems like we could all use a little bit more. Bills to pay, far off places to visit, a couch without stains perhaps? What would you do with an extra $100 a month? How … Continue reading

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Hug your loved ones and eat chocolate!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow (what? oh, no!). Hopefully, you’ve got a plan (or a plan not to have a plan).But just in case you are scrambling for some ideas to make this Valentine’s Day a special one, here are some … Continue reading

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Well, the world didn’t end. Time to set financial goals for 2013!

Ten! Nine! Eight!  Peeking out from a pile of wrapping paper is a brand new year. 2013 is on the way and its time to review this past year and revise our goals. As with any type of goal, financial goals … Continue reading

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CheckBook’s 10th Birthday Sale! Special price starts at $9.99 on 12/6. Price goes up $1 every day until 12/16!

Ten years ago, in two separate cities, a pair of young creators got together to bring new products into the world. Looking for a way to keep track of cash that was simple (yet powerful) inspired them to create CheckBook. … Continue reading

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