Renaming Chapters in Audiobook Builder 1.5

Audiobook Builder 1.5 is almost here (it’s actually hanging out with our crack team of localizers, learning German, Swedish, Russian and Chinese) and, among the exciting goodies in store, we’re proud to introduce Chapter Renaming:

The Rename Chapters window presents a field where you can set the format for renaming your Chapters, a button with common renaming formats, a palette of elements you can drag into your renaming format and options for the numbers Audiobook Builder uses while renaming your Chapters.  The examples at the bottom of the window give you an idea of how your Chapters will be renamed.

Pretty nifty, eh?  Like most of the settings in Audiobook Builder your renaming format will be saved with the Project but the last used format will be saved as the default for the next new Project.  What do you think?  We’d really like to know so we can improve on it!

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