Mac User Groups

This week I went to my first MUG meeting.

MUGs, short for Mac User Groups, can be found all over the United States. They are just what you’d imagine…groups of people who want to get together and learn more about how they can get the most out of their Macs.

The MUG in my area is broken up into segments for most meetings and the whole group together once or twice a year.  The smaller segments include a group that covers the basics in using a variety of programs and well as several SIGs, Special Interest Groups, that go more in depth into learning how to use and work with programs such as FileMaker Pro, Photoshop, and VectorWorks.

The meeting I attended was classroom style and was located in a meeting room within a library. Topics covered were; the most recent updates found in Bento 4 as well as the much anticipated introduction of Lion this month.

Afterwards, one of the members invited me to join the group at Baker’s Square for some pie. It was fun meeting some new people and chatting about all the fun things we can do with our Macs.

Membership for the year is only $15. Pretty sweet deal! Check out this list of MUGs to find one in your area 🙂

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