We Make Apps for Mac OS X and iOS. Wanna Help?

We’re looking for a fun, technical, creative mind to join our crew. We work from home and coffee shoppes, crafting crazy cool apps and daydreaming about making more of them. That’s where you come in. Can you program? Do you love the Mac, the Macintosh Way and the iPhone/iPad? Do you have some experience with Objective-C and an almost insane desire to learn the ropes of creating and maintaining great apps your users can’t put down? Get in touch so we can talk it over, see where things go.
This is an entry-level, full-time position. Compensation includes a salary based on experience, medical benefits, 3 weeks of vacation and your birthdays off. We would prefer candidates located near Birmingham, Alabama but, if you’re a good fit for our team, location may not be an issue.
If you care deeply about taking care of the customer, have read the original Human Interface Guidelines or occasionally look at license plate numbers and try to convert them from hexadecimal (of course, they’re not usually in hex), you are at the front of the line.
Send your technical experience, a brief history of your familiarity with the Mac and your resumé here.

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