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@splasmsoftware so a “file” would be all combined smaller tracks of 1 CD.? It would never split btwn files of one of the CD’s in the series?

@splasmsoftware . . .cont. if so, may have 2 change from by part 2 by chapter. Sounds like it would allow 1st “part” to B as big as possible

Thanks for the great question about Audiobook Builder’s Part Styles! The answer is below 🙂 Let us know if you have any others questions as we are happy to help!

Depends on If you import the CD as a single file or individual files. You can choose which in the import CD window. If you import as individual files, parts could split in the middle of a CD when using ‘break between files’ part style.

If you imported a CD as one file, even if you have ‘break between files’ selected, it will not be able to break in the middle of a CD, because the CD is now one file.

If you imported as individual files and you chose ‘break between chapters’, audiobook builder will not split parts in the middle of a CD if that CD remains a single chapter (which it imports as by default).


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  1. Michelle says:

    I import each CD of an audiobook as a “bundle”. Once all of the CD’s have been imported, I then split up each CD’s file so that all tracks are by themselves in the same level of the hierarchy. I then regroup and join them so that they match the actual chapters from the physical book. So my “chapters” are basically groups of tracks that make up the REAL book chapter. Once I have track bundles for each actual book chapter, then I click the build. I hope that makes sense.

    So given my process, I’m still not sure if there’s a “best” way for me to build and divide the large audiobooks. Should I be using break by part or break by chapter? There’s probably not much of a difference either way unless the audiobook is big enough to require 3 final part files (just barely going over 2). Then it’s possible that one way might have resulted in them being combined differently and maybe requiring only 2 final sections.

    Thanks for opening up comments so that I could give a detailed explanation.

  2. Allan says:

    First off, it’s a great tactic to Join the tracks as Chapters that correspond to the actual book Chapters. With what you’re doing, “Break between Chapters” would make nice, clean divisions for your Audiobook Parts since the full Chapters would stay grouped together whereas using “Break between files” might cause a break to hit after a particular file that constitutes one of your Chapters, thereby dividing that Chapter across multiple Parts. You’re right that this could potentially lead to more Part files, though—basically, with an entire Chapter getting pushed to Part 2, that could increase Part 2 beyond the Target Length thereby making a third Part file necessary.

    Really, in the end, there truly isn’t much difference when it comes to listening to a full Audiobook on one Device, since the Parts will get played back-to-back. Supposing you wanted to ever build single Part Audiobooks to make the Part Style setting irrelevant, you might try reducing the audio quality to squeeze more into a file. No matter what, Audiobook Builder’s Finish section will display how many Parts are to be built, so playing around with the settings prior to building should make it possible to create the best thing for you.

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