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@splasmsoftware so a “file” would be all combined smaller tracks of 1 CD.? It would never split btwn files of one of the CD’s in the series?

@splasmsoftware . . .cont. if so, may have 2 change from by part 2 by chapter. Sounds like it would allow 1st “part” to B as big as possible

Thanks for the great question about Audiobook Builder’s Part Styles! The answer is below 🙂 Let us know if you have any others questions as we are happy to help!

Depends on If you import the CD as a single file or individual files. You can choose which in the import CD window. If you import as individual files, parts could split in the middle of a CD when using ‘break between files’ part style.

If you imported a CD as one file, even if you have ‘break between files’ selected, it will not be able to break in the middle of a CD, because the CD is now one file.

If you imported as individual files and you chose ‘break between chapters’, audiobook builder will not split parts in the middle of a CD if that CD remains a single chapter (which it imports as by default).


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