Return Labels: Create beautiful return address labels on your Mac for less than 5 bucks

The first time you try to print your own return address labels on your Mac, where every printed label has the same name and address, might be the last time.  A typical Mac user would think, printing the same thing on every label should “just work”, right?  Open Contacts or Address Book, select a contact, go to the File menu to print, hum a little tune, look for an option to print a page of labels instead of a single label, and…  But wait.  That option isn’t there.  Instead, you’ll have to:

  1. Open Contacts or Address Book.
  2. Select a contact.
  3. Copy the contact.
  4. Paste the contact the exact number of labels that are on your label paper (usually 30 or 40 will do).
  5. Select the original contact and all of the 30 or 40 duplicates you just made.
  6. Go to the File menu and click the Print… menu item.
  7. Choose a label template.
  8. Choose a font.
  9. Choose an image (optional).
  10. Click the Print button.
  11. Decide to live with the duplicate contacts so you can skip some steps next time.
  12. Remove the duplicate contacts because they get in the way.

It’s not so bad, really, and, unlike many 12-step programs, at least you get consistent results.  To be honest, there are general-purpose label apps out there – but they’re a little pricey, and then you’re out $20 or more for something you’d kinda expect to be easier and cheaper.  That’s why we made Return Labels.  For less than $5, pre-tax, you get an app designed to make return address labels on your Mac, with any combination of font, style, color, or whathaveyou, a beautiful collection of built-in images to choose from (you can drag in your own, too), and an easy way to browse and print your creations later on.

Return Labels

Return Labels.  It’s easy.  It won’t break the bank.  And you get beautiful return address labels, to boot.

Learn more about Return Labels

See Return Labels on the Mac App Store

Return Labels is the first project for our new guy, William Gill, who joined our team last year.  William came with a wealth of programming experience, and took the lead coder position to learn as much as possible about developing Mac apps.  Allan Woodall, our lead user support specialist, dug up tons of bugs in the process.  Excellent job, William and Allan!

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