When the Mac App Store Attacks

[CheckBook and CheckBook Pro 2.5.8 are now live on the Mac App Store and both open like a charm.  Grab the update there as soon as you get a chance.  Audiobook Builder has been submitted and is now waiting for review but if you reinstall from the Mac App Store, Apple has changed things around so it’ll work without waiting for the update (unless you are using OS X El Capitan, in which case you need the version we link to below).  Final releases will be available on our website soon after the Mac App Store versions are approved.  We’re almost done reaching out to everyone personally and we deeply appreciate your patience!]

If you’ve had trouble launching our apps since yesterday, you’re not alone.

What we know, so far, is the receipts embedded in most, if not all, Mac App Store apps became invalid yesterday.  This happened without any advance warning from the mothership.  How apps reacted to this varied.  Our apps are among those affected, and in the worst way.  We’re working with Apple to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

At present, Apple has made changes at the Mac App Store that will allow you to redownload any of our apps and get back up and running unless you are using a version of Audiobook Builder from our website.  In that case, you’ll still need a serial number to help you get back up and running until the new version of Audiobook Builder is approved at the Mac App Store, which shouldn’t be too much longer.  Please send a copy of your Mac App Store receipt to support@splasm.com and we’ll send a serial number for Audiobook Builder.

In the meantime, we’re giving away our apps at our online store.  If you need to download our apps from our website, click here first to go through the order process for a single-user license.  You won’t be asked for billing information.  At the end of the order you’ll receive a serial number so you can get back to it.  If you’ve already purchased a license to try to fix things, please let us know and we’ll return your purchase as the dust settles.

CheckBook and CheckBook Pro users:  click here for the very latest version, 2.5.8 Beta 5, which will do a better job of locating your data if you’re updating from a significantly older version.  It includes numerous fixes for version 2.5.7 and is ready for everyday use.  Your data is safe and sound and will automatically appear (provided you get a copy of the same application you already have – CheckBook for CheckBook folk, CheckBook Pro for CheckBook Pro folk).

Audiobook Builder users:  click here for the very latest version, 1.5.4 Final Candidate 3.

If you need any additional details or help getting things back to normal, let us know at support@splasm.com and we’ll get to you soon.

Thanks everyone for your understanding and patience.  We’re simultaneously fielding hundreds of emails per hour, phone calls, and working to fix this at the source.  Hang in there!

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