Happy new year to you and CheckBook!

And so we begin CheckBook’s 15th year (you knew it was born in December, 2002, right?) with a couple of exciting new features on the way:

  • Copy & paste for Entries and Schedules is coming in CheckBook 2.5.15.  We dared ourselves to do it, so we did it, and at long last you’ll be able to copy Entries in one Account and paste them into another.  You’ll even be able to paste them into Numbers or Excel if you feel like it.  Didn’t we say these are EXCITING new features?  It’s in testing now and should be in your hands, and thus part of your CheckBook workflow, within weeks.
  • Check printing is the big new addition to CheckBook Pro 2.6.  Please note the Pro.  We’re in the middle of it now and the plan is to support pre-printed, Quicken-style standard, voucher, and wallet checks.  This Pro-only feature is the last we’ve promised for the 2.x major version.  We’re not moving on to 3.0 right away, though.  Next stop, barring macOS compatibility updates:  iOS.

As always, keep an eye on Splasmata for news and tidbits about what we’re up to and drop us a line at support@splasm.com if you have any questions!

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