How’s compatibility with macOS 10.13 High Sierra?

As autumn falls upon us and the yearly flood of Apple product updates washes over the masses, we return once again to macOS update season.  Christened “High Sierra”, macOS 10.13 brings relatively few user-facing changes but a plethora of new goodies under the hood.  A tweak here, an optimization there, and new frameworks all over the place usually add up to a bit of overtime for third-party developers but all seems rather mellow this year.  Nope, our applications won’t be dramatically affected by the coming of High Sierra.  Here’s a rundown:

Audiobook Builder 1.5.7

Nothing out of the ordinary in our tests, even with the new APFS disk format macOS 10.13 High Sierra may use for your SSD startup drive.

CheckBook and CheckBook Pro 2.5.15

Both applications appear to run well, but you might see a little smear or blur on the right edge of some buttons, which we’ll have fixed in 2.6, now in beta, and you won’t see the spinning progress wheels when saving a document or refreshing an Account Summary.  Word is Apple’s working on that.

Return Labels 1.0.2

Looking good, so far, except for a drawing glitch with focus rings when tabbing to or from some buttons.  We’ll get on that soon.

Send a message to if you spot anything in your own tests.  We’re thankful for your time and appreciate all the feedback we can get!

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