Three CheckBook 2.6.1 fixes coming in hot!

Here’s what’s on the way in CheckBook 2.6.2, due later this week:

  • Scattered reports clued us in on a crash that can happen on OS X 10.10 Yosemite and macOS 10.11 El Capitan.  With a document open, try to create a new document or use Open Recent in the File menu to select another document and boom!  This crash is crushed.
  • A very helpful person sent us a screen recording demonstrating how to get the Debit button to stop working.  It came down to a tiny glitch in how our 64-bit code for creating a list of all previously entered To items.  This glitch is history.
  • Another kind soul showed us how CheckBook Pro might display Entries in a password-protected Account while waiting for a password to be entered.  Turns out we were a little too aggressive in trying to display actual data as a document first opens and missed a key step in validating our security model.  This bug is bashed.

If you need these fixes right away, send a message to and we’ll get you a pre-release build.  In the meantime, tell us when you see anything out of the ordinary and we’ll pop open another can of bug spray!

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