Tell Apple Books in macOS Catalina needs AppleScript support

Do you love creating audiobooks with Audiobook Builder, and especially love how it automatically adds your audiobooks to iTunes so you can sync them with your iPhone or iPad?  Well, iTunes is going away, so when you crank up  macOS Catalina this fall you’ll want your audiobooks to go to the revamped Books application, instead.  Books needs AppleScript support so Audiobook Builder can tell it all about your new audiobooks – so we need you (and you, and you!) to let Apple know you want Books to include support for adding content with AppleScript.  Just fill out Apple’s feedback form at, enter “AppleScript support in Books” in the Subject field, and enter “Especially the ability to automate adding content.” in the Comments field.  Thank you sooooo much.  You’re doing us and a world full of Audiobook Builder-loving Mac folk a favor!

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