Audiobook Builder 2.1 is ready

Audiobook Builder 2.1 brings compatibility enhancements for macOS 10.15 Catalina’s Books and Music applications, featuring extra preferences so you can spec where you want your audiobooks saved now that Books manages your audiobooks and Music manages your music. Outputting M4B audiobooks? Use the Save Audiobooks to setting. Opting for more compatible M4A music tracks? Go for the Save Music to setting. Go to the Audiobook Builder menu at the top left corner of your screen and click the Preferences… menu item to see these new settings. We’ve also maintained compatibility with iTunes in macOS Mojave and earlier, so if you’re holding off on the Catalina upgrade everything will work just as it always has, plus 2.1’s minor user interface enhancements and a bit of accommodation for some of the “homemade” audio files out there.

One gotcha with 2.1 from the Mac App Store on Catalina: there’s a glitch in Music’s AppleScript support that prevents sandboxed applications from locating a track’s file on disk. This means Audiobook Builder’s Add Music button and menu item won’t work for now. Apple’s well aware Music’s AppleScript support for locating tracks on disk is broken, but feel free to send some feedback their way to let them know you know they know and you’re finger-drumming the 1812 overture and feel like you’re nearing mastery of syncopation already. That’s, with a blurb about the need for complete AppleScript support in Music so sandboxed third-party applications can locate file tracks on disk.

Audiobook Builder 2.1 is a free update if you already have a license for any version of 2. Click here for update details.

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