CheckBook and CheckBook Pro 2.7.1

The first CheckBook and CheckBook Pro update of 2022 is ready and waiting, so come and get it! Now you can change the font and size of items in the Accounts drawer (CheckBook > Preferences… or CheckBook Pro > Preferences…), expand or collapse all of your split Entries in a single stroke (View > Expand All Split Entries or View > Collapse All Split Entries), and even perform basic arithmetic in any amount field (start the amount with an equals (=) sign, like =142-42). We zapped a glitch that can prevent new Accounts from appearing right after you create a new document from a QIF, Quicken Essentials for Mac, or Quicken for Mac 2015-2017 document, fixed a copy & paste bug, corrected a rounding error that could end up displaying “-0.00” when we all know “0.00” makes more sense, and took care of an issue with saving OFX and QFX Find Duplicates settings. For CheckBook Pro folks, All Accounts Summaries should save as expected, check printing will choose the correct paper size based on the template rather than the printer’s default, and the user interface for Smart Folders will no longer hiccup when you choose “Date” “is not during this” or “Date” “is not during last“. We also adjusted several interface items and optimized switching Accounts when a lot of Entries are selected. Cheers!

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