You want fries with that Text Export?

CheckBook Pro 2.2 came with new features for interacting with Split Line Items, and we even include them when exporting to Text. We faced a tough question when we did this, though:  How do we handle Parent Entry Amounts and Split Line Item Amounts in a file that may be viewed in a spreadsheet?  What if the user wants to SUM or throw some other math on the Amount column?  SUMming the Parent Entry Amounts should equal the total of the export.  SUMming the Split Line Item Amounts should equal the same (unless there’s a QuickFilter or Smart Folder in there somewhere).  SUMming both, then, would potentially equal up to twice the total of the export (not every Entry is a Split, and a Starting Balance could affect things, too).


We figured we’d throw out Parent Entry Amounts for Split Entries.  If the user wanted to view things in a spreadsheet they would realize that the Amount column had to equal the total of the export.  If they wanted the actual Parent Entry Amounts they could easily add functions to any empty Amount cells.  Because everyone who exports to Text is a closet spreadsheet jockey, right?


Eh, not really.  Now that 2.2 and 2.3 have been out for a while we’ve gotten some good feedback from some users that they just want to look at the numbers in a spreadsheet, without SUMming or other analysis.  Like a report.  So our one size doesn’t fit all in this case.  Back to the drawing board for a little rework…


Here’s what we’ve got:


CheckBook Pro 2.5's new Text Export options

CheckBook Pro 2.5's new Text Export options


Want Split Line Items?  If so, what about those Parent Entry Amounts?  Now you get to decide!  The changes are in the upcoming CheckBook & CheckBook Pro 2.5, but we backported to a pre-release build of 2.3.1 just in case anyone needs these options now.  Drop us a line at if you’d like the latest build!


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