CheckBook and CheckBook Pro 2.5

2.5 is here at last, dear users, and this time around the love we’re bringing is all about syncing your Accounts with other Macs – and that, coincidentally, lays the foundation for syncing with “other devices” down the road a piece.  CheckBook now saves your changes as you make them, stores your Accounts in documents you can move around and copy at will, respects the Mac’s new sandboxing requirements, looks great on a Retina Display, feels snappier, and brings a few fixes, too.  The simply powerful personal finance manager you can’t live without just got a lot more power – and it’s still just as simple as ever.

This update’s on us for users who’ve already got a license for 2.x, and on sale for everyone else.  $19.95 for a CheckBook Pro 2.5 license (until June 15th) and $11.95 for a CheckBook 2.5 license (until May 28th).  Check ’em out at and, where you can get the update or a free trial (they’re the same download).

Thanks for hanging in there, everyone.  If you need anything, you know how to get in touch.  We’ll be hard at work on the “other devices” bit but always available to listen to feedback or give you a hand if you need help.

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