Volunteering for IAmGreatness

Cutting Glow Stars

Cutting up. These decorative stars look amazing in black light!

One of the thrills in our culture is the tradition we’ve made of donating a day every quarter to a worthy cause.  This time around, in addition to some odds and ends for Birmingham Friends of Old-Time Music and Dance, I’ve given time to IAmGreatness, an organization here in Birmingham dedicated to developing and mentoring youth in our community.  Several friends and I are throwing a black light-fueled “glow in the dark” party to raise the $500 for IAmGreatness to register as a non-profit at the Alabama and federal levels, and one of my contributions even involved our very own Return Labels.

You may already know Return Labels as the handy tool for creating return address labels on OS X – but it turned out to be even handier when it saved us a ton of time printing sheet after sheet of stickers for our guests.

First, we chose some silly icons, lightened them up a bit, dragged them into Return Labels, and added text:

Return Labels for OS X - the easy way to make return labels on your Mac.

Return Labels for OS X made it easy to print a ton of stickers we later stroked with neon marker.

Then, we traced the icon and text outlines with neon markers.  Look how they turned out in black light(!):

The final stickers look awesome!

The final stickers look GREAT!

We’re well on our way to our $500 goal, and these stickers will be just a tiny part of the fun, but what a joy to know our work can be put to so many good uses.

Have you used Return Labels in an unexpected or unique way?  Ever used an application, even if it’s not of one ours, when volunteering?  We’d love to hear your story – so drop us a line at feedback@splasm.com!

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