Macworld 2010: The Search for Splasm

Are you great at crossword puzzles? Do you annoy friends by pointing out continuity errors in films? Can you spot a sweet, sweet deal in a sea of faces?

Find Splasm at Macworld 2010, February 11th-13th!

We’re the redhead and the bald guy-with-soul patch, wearing our shiny new (grey) Splasm T-shirts and flashing our “Can you believe we’re finally here?” smiles out on the Expo floor.

Ask for your coupon to get 1/2 off Audiobook Builder, CheckBook Pro or ViddyUp!. A few lucky sleuths will even receive a coupon to get these wares for FREE. And oh yeah, ask for swag and ye shall receive.

So, Mac community, Splasm users and users to be, put your ability to spot details to good use. Come and find us!

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