Sneak Peek: CheckBook 3’s Budgets

Did we just say “CheckBook 3” for the first time in public? Why, yes. Yes we did.

We’re nearing the finish line with a major upgrade to CheckBook and CheckBook Pro and just realized we haven’t shared so much as a peep, let alone a pic. Here’s a first look at some new features (note the purple Smart Folders are just in CheckBook Pro) to give you an idea of what’s coming:

Budgets give you a simple way to make sure you don’t overspend. To start, you might set up a certain amount per month (or day, week, quarter, or year). If you want to get nitty, though, you can set up amounts per month per year and see all of that in a neat yearly view. You’ll also find our usual search, with options, plus printing (with the option to simplify the bars or just not print them at all) round out things.

And oh, yeah, we do dark mode now:

You’ll also get to tweak the colors for both light and dark mode so your work looks just right.

One more thing… Look closely at the list of Accounts and how it’s no longer in a drawer. You can still hide it, resize it, or move it from one side to the other, but now that it’s part of the document window you can also take it fullscreen without the weirdness of drawers.

So that’s a sneak at what’s coming. We expect it’ll be a month or two, yet. We’re not quite ready to talk pricing, but we can say anyone who purchases 2.x within 12 months of 3.0’s release will get a free upgrade, so if you’re considering purchasing now we’ve got you covered, and everyone else will likely get a 40%-ish discount.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts at More details are coming so stay tuned!

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