What’s coming in CheckBook 2.5.13

Hello all!  While we’re wrapping up CheckBook 2.5.13, a set of fixes and one tiny surprise, and plan to have it out the door within a week soon, we thought we’d share what’s coming:

  • A fix for a hang when resizing the Import Preview window.  Turns out our workaround for a bug with scrollbars waaayyy back in Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar days doesn’t work so well when targeting the OS X 10.11 El Capitan SDK.
  • A fix for when some Schedule Repeat settings can’t be clicked, making it rather difficult to set up a Schedule for anything but the default Monthly option.  Related to the switch to the OS X 10.11 SDK, wherein we had to make almost every text field a little bit wider so text would fit.
  • A fix for CheckBook Pro’s Multiple Change not syncing changes to Amount, Description, or Category for the far end of transfers.
  • A tiny surprise:  individual Deposit and Debit columns in Entry and Reconcile.  These’ll be per Account, per Entry and Reconcile, so you can even configure to match your bank statements.

Those are the highlights.  Drop us a line at support@splasm.com if you need any of these things in the meantime and we’ll get you set up with a pre-release build.  Keep an eye out for the official release next week!

…and now we’ll get back to work on CheckBook Pro 2.6, whose major new feature is a longstanding request for check printing…

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