I updated my Mac and now my favorite Splasm app won’t open

Fear not!  macOS updates can be a bumpy ride, but chances are we know about the issue and have already updated your app so all you need to do is install the latest version and get back to business.  Give these a try first, then let us know how things turn out:

  • Audiobook Builder:  Get the latest.
  • CheckBook (icon with the green pen):  Get the latest.
  • CheckBook Pro (icon with the blue pen):  Get the latest.
  • Return Labels:  Visit the Mac App Store, click the Updates button at the top of the window, and see if an update for Return Labels is available.

If the app still misbehaves, please reach out to us at support@splasm.com.  Send us all the details you can think of and we’ll get busy!

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