Back to School!

Ah, Summer is winding to a close.

Now comes the cooler weather, big orange buses, notebooks and… Your chance to score 25% off with our Back to School Sale!

Checkbook, Checkbook Pro, and Audiobook Builder are on SALE now through September 17th 2010.

Checkbook is an excellent gift for a young adult heading off to college or for anyone else as they continue to explore strange new financial worlds and seek out new ways to keep their money in order (sorry, my love of Star Trek is always bubbling beneath the surface). Checkbook Pro is the next generation of money management, with all the features of the original Checkbook and then some!

Audiobook Builder is the easy way to organize your books or lectures. Perfect for students or professors or empty nesters (who now have time to listen to a novel).

Kick off the new school year by owning software that makes your life less hectic! When your head hits the pillow you’ll know where your money is at and you can drift off listening to a good book 🙂

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