Roshambo Up! – Rock-paper-scissors Splasm-style!

When Allan’s not cranking on customer support, there’s a little time to indulge in some passions: art, music, and game design, to name a few. We pushed some light coding duty on Allan from the start, and, to that end, Griddle 1.1 and Scribble Squabble were almost entirely Allan’s projects. Now comes Roshambo Up!, with a completely different level of gameplay, art, music, and a, well, vibe that’ll hook you and make you wonder where the time went. You play a stream of ever more challenging rock-paper-scissors battles, with rules you’ll pick up in no time based on your previous experience with block/jewel/bubble/pill games, uncovering hidden surprises and power-ups along the way. Rock crushes scissors. Scissors cut paper. Paper wraps rock. Can you remember these 3 simple secrets and land a slot on the high scores list? Even if you don’t, we bet you’ll have fun playing!

Give the preview video a watch, download for free on the App Store, and let us know what you think at!

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