macOS 12 Monterey compatibility roundup

Hello and welcome again to another macOS upgrade season! Every fall we rev our applications so you can enjoy them on Apple’s latest and greatest. This year’s no exception! We’re about to guide you through the glitches we know about and let you know how we’re handling them. Let’s get started!

Audiobook Builder folks, you’re in for a graphical glitch when you use the Rename feature and click outside the format field at the top of the window. All the blue “tokens” representing various elements will shift upward about ten points – but no worries! They’re not going anywhere and your rename format will still work when you click the OK button. We’ll have a fix for that soon. Bonus round: Monterey appears to have resolved an issue brought on by macOS 11.3 that could prevent third-party audio files from passing through to the final audiobook. You’d have seen this when building, as the progress bar would freeze and the build would never finish. Looks like that one’s history!

CheckBook and CheckBook Pro friends, you’re in a similar boat: When you click the magnifying glass at the left side of the Search field at the top right corner of the window and choose an option for date, resolved, reconciled, or tax-deductible status, the Search label’s contents will shift downward several points. We’re working on CheckBook 2.7 with the fix for this and more, so keep an eye out! CheckBook and CheckBook Pro 2.7 are available as of 10/31/2021 with fixes for Monterey. Learn more.

PixelGriddle and Return Labels peeps, we’re searching for bugs with the official Monterey release and will let you know if we find anything.

And that’s a wrap for our macOS 12 Monterey compatibility roundup. Reach out to if you have any questions or find an issue you think we need to fix and we’ll get on it!

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