CheckBook and CheckBook Pro 2.7: Ready for macOS 12 Monterey

macOS 12 Monterey brought a few changes under the hood so we’ve revved CheckBook to 2.7 to keep up. On a scale that tops out at 2.6.22 that’s like turning it up to 11. Right? Moving on… We also took a minute to redesign the Launch window and crafted a new way to hide, close, or set up trial Accounts. You’ll find three new options when you create or edit an Account: Show Account, Include in Total (CheckBook) or Include in All Accounts (CheckBook Pro), and Enable Schedules. We’re thinking of adding menu items to combine these for you in a future update, but you can get down to business with them as-is right now:

Show AccountInclude inEnable Schedules
Hide an Account
Close an Account
Create a trial Account
The possibilities are endless! OK…there’re 8 combinations.

2.7 also pulls back on centering the selected Entry in some situations and doesn’t animate scrolling when it does center the selection. Thanks to the handful of folks who let us know how those changes didn’t work so well for them. Minor interface tweaks round out this release.

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