CheckBook 2.7.7: iN cAsE yOu MiSsEd iT

It happens. You breeze through a new Deposit or Debit in CheckBook or CheckBook Pro and accidentally mess up the case of a To/From or Description. Maybe you enter something like “wALWORLD” instead of “Walworld”, or “pARTY FIXINGS” instead of “Party fixings”. No worries, you think, as you go back and correct the case. Except…CheckBook won’t let you, automatically switching back to what you entered in the first place.

Sigh. We’ve all been there.

Well that all ended today with a new preference in CheckBook 2.7.7. To turn it on, click the CheckBook or CheckBook Pro menu at the top left of your screen, click the Preferences… menu item to reveal the Preferences window, click the Entry button at the top of the window, then put a checkmark next to Ask To Update To/From & Description Items near the bottom of the window. Now, when you enter the exact same spelling of a To/From or Description item but there are different cases in other Entries or Schedules, CheckBook will ask if you want to update the case with whatever you’re typing in right now. All of your Entries, Schedules, and split line items in the current Account with the offending case will immediately, magically update, and everyone lives happily ever after. On macOS 10.15 Catalina and later you’ll even see the option in the menu that appears when you’re in To, From, or Description and click the arrow at the right of the box or press the down arrow key on your keyboard, even without the preference turned on, tucked away if you ever need it.

We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do. It’s the simple things, no?

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