CheckBook 2.7.8: Fixin’ & Nixin’

2.7.8 fixes a glitch that could lead the app to think it needs to save every so often even though you haven’t made any changes. It’s a bit niche, only happening if you use Migration Assistant or otherwise copy your CheckBook or CheckBook Pro container folder to a second Mac and make changes to the same document in iCloud or other cloud storage on both Macs at the same time. Not something most would see out there, for sure. Still, we caught it in action on a user’s old and new Macs during a screen sharing session the other day, while noodling on a different issue altogether, so we worked out the particulars and knocked out a fix. Now you never have to worry about it. And for CheckBook Pro folks, 2.7.8 nixes a crash that could happen when you come out of Multiple Change – where you can change the details of a group of Entries at the same time – then try to make changes to a Schedule.

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