Secrets of Today’s Balance

“How do I see the balance for today?”

When you post-date a lot of Entries in CheckBook, sooner or later you’re bound to look for a way to show the balance through the current date so you won’t have to think about those future Entries. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Look at the Balance field, at the bottom right corner of the window, and note the word “Balance” has a triangle next to it. That triangle means you can click for additional options. So, click it.
  1. You’ll see a menu with several balances and totals to choose from – what we call the Interactive Balance. Click the Today’s Balance menu item.

Now you’ll see the balance through the current date at the bottom right of the window. But, what about the balances and total (totals in CheckBook Pro) in the Accounts drawer? Let’s continue!

  1. Go to the View menu, at the top of your screen, down to the Accounts Drawer submenu, and click the Through Today menu item.

That should have you all set.

Now you know the secrets. Blab them all you want!

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