Preparations have been intense, we want everything to be perfect for our new addition.

Reassuring iPhone that we will still love him once the little one gets here has been a full time job. We’ve been giving him lots of extra attention, looking at old photos from when he first arrived at Splasm, even telling him stories about how we stayed up all night admiring his touch screen and making calls to everyone we knew. Still, he is nervous and more than a little jealous that we are so eagerly expecting iPad. It doesn’t help that iPod has already been through this and is throughly enjoying torturing little iPhone.

In the middle of painting the nursery, iPhone came in crying, “iPod told me that,” sob, “when iPad gets here you won’t develop for me anymore! iPod says that you’ll be so busy creating games for iPad that you won’t even care about me at all!”
Setting down my paint brush, I pulled iPhone close and explained that iPod was just being mean,
“We’ll still have time for you,” I started, then considered the best way to proceed, “iPad won’t even be able to do much at first, but we’ll work with him, give him lots of love, and one day he’ll be just as useful as you.”

iPhone appeared visibly calmer and agreed to be kind to iPad when he gets here… on the condition that we get him that Checkbook application he’s been asking about.

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