macOS 11 Big Sur Public Beta Compatibility

Welcome to the 2020 macOS Update Season, friends! macOS finally gets a major version bump this year, going all the way to 11, with a host of changes, upgrades, what have you, and we’re already cranking away on updates to keep your favorite Splasm applications working this year and beyond. Here’s how things are going with the macOS 11 Big Sur public beta:


Audiobook Builder 2.1: Not compatible – may crash while building

Audiobook Builder 2.1.1 will restore compatibility. Download a pre-release build with Big Sur fixes. Here’s how to install a pre-release build.


CheckBook 2.6.15 restores compatibility. Grab the update now!


CheckBook Pro 2.6.15 restores compatibility. Grab the update now!


Return Labels 1.0.2: Compatible – you might see a smidge of a focus ring issue when tabbing between user interface elements.


PixelGriddle 1.1.1: Compatible


Please get in touch at if you need any additional details!

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