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“How do I schedule something for the first and third Wednesday of every other month?”

It’s not in our inbox every day, or even every third Wednesday, but we see it from time to time and we’d bet a lot of folks (we see you, Social Security recipients!) are out there making do and really, really want to know if CheckBook can even do such a thing.

The answer, of course, is, of course.

  1. As you create or make changes to a Schedule, look for the Schedule button at the top of the sheet.
  1. Click the Repeat Every button, near the top of the sheet.
  1. Click the Day(s) button and change its value to Month(s).
  1. Click the Customize… button.
  1. You’ll see where you can change the Schedule’s day(s) of the month or the day(s) of any particular week.

It’s a pretty tight setup, but has a feature that might throw you for a loop: Schedules can repeat on any number of days of the month or on any number of days of any number of weeks of the month. This lets you use a single Schedule for stuff that falls on combinations like the 1st and 15th, or on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday, if that’s what you need. Just keep an eye on which items have a colored background – those are the items that are selected. If you only need one, make sure only that one has a colored background and you’re good to go. And, after you click the OK button, double-check right below the Repeat Every button for a summary of when the Schedule will repeat:

Now you know the secrets. Blab them all you want!

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