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“How do I see my amounts in two columns, one for Deposits and another for Debits?”

You’ve just brought your data over from another personal finance manager, or even your own spreadsheet. You’re in a zone: Somehow, everything came into CheckBook or CheckBook Pro and balanced to the penny. Still…as you gaze at your handiwork something doesn’t feel quite right… Ahhh, it’s your amounts. They’re in a single column!

Surely I can get along without this one, tiny thing, you say.

My eyes will adjust, you say.

Seven minutes later, you just can’t stand it anymore.

There’s relief, dear user, and it looks like this:

  1. Go to the View menu, at the top of your screen, down to the Columns submenu, and click the Deposit menu item.
  1. Return to View > Columns and click the Debit menu item.
  1. Go back to View > Columns once more and click the Amount menu item.

Your new Deposit and Debit columns will appear to the far right of all your other columns, so you may need to scroll to the right to see them. Drag them by their name, at the top of each column, to the left to arrange them just the way you like.

Note each Account’s Entry and Reconcile sections have their own layout settings, so repeat these steps in Entry and Reconcile in whichever Accounts you like.

Now you know the secrets. Blab them all you want!

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