Cheap Tricks

Top Ten Money Saving Ideas

10. Hit a deer with your car and drive around with a dented door and a mirror that still has deer hair sticking to it. This saved me from a $150 speeding ticket. After the cop pulled me over she said, “Is that deer hair?” and gave me a warning.

9. Don’t speed. It’s Expensive. But it you must…(see above)

8. Wear clothes until they rip or have yellow stains under the armpits. If it’s clean and free from holes then it stays in the closet.

7. Eat at home.

6. When you do go out to eat–Order water. You have drinks in the frig at home.

5. Pre-Eat. This works great you are going out to get a change of scenery or to meet up with friends. Have something to eat before you leave. Then,  just have a cup of coffee and a piece of pie at the restaurant.

4. Meet friends at a park, rather than a restaurant or bar. Walk and talk. The fresh air is nice, too.

3. Make coffee at home rather than getting it on your way to work.

2. Get your books from the library.

1. Exercise. A healthy body is serious money-saver.

**Bonus tip: If you are currently in the habit of buying coffee everyday. Consider getting a gym membership at the YMCA. They have free coffee every morning. If you spend $3.50 or more on a daily latté, then you’re actually paying enough for two monthly memberships 🙂 **

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