“This CD has already been imported” – Oh really?

Just after Audiobook Builder 1.2 went official a few reports came in from users who were seeing a funny message while importing CDs:  “This CD has already been imported”.  Only problem with that was the disc they’d just inserted had never been in their Mac before.  Head scratch.  Beard tug. We asked for some time and patience from those helpful users and, after some time passed and some patience was tested, we found a few things to rework in 1.2.2. Gently and into that good night, the bug reports vanished.

Until we let Audiobook Builder 1.2.3 out the door yesterday.  This morning we had a new bug report in our inbox.  A new report of an old bug.  A bug we thought we’d done in.

We dug in and started testing.  Luckily, we hit pay dirt without too much effort:  a very fun error on our part led Audiobook Builder to store zeroes instead of actual file sizes in a key piece of code – and since different file sizes help Audiobook Builder see the difference between discs it would later think any two CDs with the same number of tracks were identical.

So here it is, Audiobook Builder 1.2.4a1, identical to 1.2.3 except for a little fix to make things right when importing CDs. You’re welcome to use it in place of 1.2.3 – it’s stable and it will update to future pre-release builds of 1.2.4 that we make semi-public over the next couple of months.  Keep an eye out :).


We’ve added the fix to the original 1.2.3 release and it’s also available as an update you can download from within your copy of 1.2.3. Just select “Check For Updates…” from the Audiobook Builder menu at the top left corner of your screen to get started. If you still want in on some pre-release action you’re welcome to  download Audiobook Builder 1.2.4a1 here.

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