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Keith, Randy, and I joined 17,000 runners and walkers in the Race for the Cure on October 9th 2010 to help raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

As we were heading over to the starting line, an announcer came on the loud speaker and walked us through the progress that has been made since the Foundation was started. The survival rate for breast cancer thirty years ago was approximately 72%. With early detection and research (that has yielded better treatment options) the survival rate is now 98%. The speaker went on, but survival rate stats really stuck in my mind.

Pink sheets of paper were available for participants to write the names of loved ones,who had battled breast cancer, and pin them on the backs of their shirts. Some sheets read, “In Honor of” while others said, “In Memory of”. While running, I noticed one woman’s shirt read, “In Memory of: My Mother” and “In Honor of: My Sister and Me”.

It was humbling and inspiring to run with survivors and those who ran in memory of their loved ones.

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