CheckBook Pro Mac App Store Amnesty Days

When the Mac App Store opened it came without one key ingredient:  an easy way for current users of an app to switch their license to the Mac App Store.  App developers like us can give away just 50 free copies for each new version of an app – but that’s nowhere near the number of people out there using CheckBook every day!  So what can you do if you originally purchased CheckBook or CheckBook Pro directly from our online store and now you want to move your license to the Mac App Store?  Wait for a sale that makes it pretty darn cheap!  We hereby proclaim the next three Wednesdays (August 14th, 21st and 28th) will be Mac App Store Amnesty Days.  We’ll lower the price of CheckBook Pro to just US $4.99 on these days so you’ll have a chance to move your license over for just 20% of the regular price.  And if you originally purchased CheckBook, you’re getting a swell upgrade to CheckBook Pro, to boot!  (CheckBook users, check out Moving on up to CheckBook Pro for help getting your CheckBook Accounts into CheckBook Pro).

What are you waiting for?  Head to the Mac App Store for your dose of CheckBook Pro amnesty!

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