Don’t Worry

My health insurance company recently sent me a letter.

They just wanted to let me know that their security systems had been breached. I, now, had the fabulous opportunity to sign up for free identity protection for a whole year. This wasn’t something I needed to worry about, they assured me, well I should worry a little because some of my personal information was stored in the area that had been accessed and I should keep an eye on my credit report for the next year or more, but really don’t worry because everything is under control.

Around the same time, I’m not making this up, my e-mail account started sending all my friends and family a message about a great way to make money from home with a link to check it out.

So, from a completely average non-expert point-of-view, I’m just really surprised that people don’t worry about¬†Obviously, I can’t claim to have an unbiased opinion, because I use Checkbook Pro. Still, as a lover of Psychology, I wonder how the idea of storing all one’s personal and banking information in one place could be viewed as a good idea.

It seems counter intuitive.

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