Hey hey! Can you spare a 64-bit update?

As macOS 10.15 Catalina inches toward us from the distant horizon, we’re hearing a few folks need a 64-bit update to their favorite personal finance application or audiobook-building tool.  Well, you’re in luck, dearest Splasmata aficionado, because we’ve already made 64-bitness our business.


CheckBook and CheckBook Pro

CheckBook and CheckBook Pro 2.6 and later are already 64-bit compatible, ready for macOS Catalina and beyond.  If you have any version of 2, these are free updates for you.  Here’s how to update:

CheckBook 64-bit update

CheckBook Pro 64-bit update

These updates might’ve passed you by, and that’s on us. A glitch between the software update checker we used in 2.5.8b5 and earlier and El Capitan and later could lead to a crash, so we couldn’t notify you without risking a tiny bit of data loss. The application will say you have the latest version, but you may have an older version without realizing an update is available. That includes some who suffered the great Mac App Store cataclysm of November, 2015, when some changes on Apple’s end prevented thousands of Mac App Store applications from opening. We gave out free copies of all our software for a few days there, including CheckBook 2.5.8b5, the latest version at the time, but, long story short, if you originally purchased from the Mac App Store, you’ll want to get back on the update track there.


Audiobook Builder

Audiobook Builder 1.x, sadly, would never survive the 64-bit leap, because of its QuickTime 7 roots, so we had to completely re-work its little engine that used to could so it can.  That took a lot of work and the result is Audiobook Builder 2 – which is roughly 3x faster, to boot.  The upgrade is 40% off for Splasm Store users, but if you didn’t get the super secret special instructions by email, just drop us a line at customerservice@splasm.com and we’ll get you fixed up.  There isn’t a way for us to provide a discounted upgrade to our Mac App Store users, but we’re happy to set you up with a copy from the Splasm Store.  Send your Mac App Store receipt to customerservice@splasm.com and we’ll send you the same 40% deal.


Everything else

Return Labels has always been 64-bit ready, so no worries there.  And then there’s Griddle.  Version 1.1, with sweet, sweet, 64-bit sweetness, is just about ready to go, so look for that free update soon on the Mac App Store.

Sadly, older applications, like Dasher and ViddyUp!, won’t make the 64-bit transition, but we’ll continue to offer them for download.  Brightness Control is a little up in the air.  Anyone out there want a 64-bit Brightness Control?  Let us know at customerservice@splasm.com!

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