My Hero Project

We all have heros. A teacher who sparked our interest, an athlete that crawled across the finish line, or a family member that battled cancer.

My Hero is a place for us to share stories about those who have touched our lives for better. The stories section of site is broken down into categories such as: Scientists, Peacemakers, Teachers, Lifesavers, and quite a few more. Warning: a serious tear-jerker is waiting in the Lifesavers category.

In addition to written works, this site also showcases short films and other artwork. Anyone interested in submitting a film for an annual film festival can do so before June 1st 2011. One of the films, from previous years, worth checking out is this one about a teacher that showed kids how to use solar cookers. Its really fun to see kids learning, not only how to cook using the sun, but to be able to meet students in another country via video conferencing.

I am puzzled though as to why one of the kids was cooking colorful cereal…

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